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Irish Brides: Meet Irish Girls For Marriage On Top Dating Sites

Ireland is an awesome place where you spend your holiday. The culture, people, and even food in this country are so different that you may want to stay here longer. You may enjoy seeing Riverdance, Irish hospitality, great drinks, great landscape, and of course, the incredible history many Irish people are proud of. Still, the best thing about this place is Irish brides.  

But who are they? While thinking of Irish women, you may get perplexed. No worries. Just have a glance at the names like Grace O’Mahony, Jo Archbold, Mary Kate Lanigan, or Louise Byrne. These women are from Ireland. That might have intrigued you. If yes, then continue to read this article and find out more interesting things about Irish mail order brides.

10 Features of Irish Brides 

What comes to your mind when thinking of Irish ladies? They’re known for their love for their country, their music, their families, a sense of justice, love for parties, and many more. So, can an Irish wife be an ideal wife? Definitely, they can, and here are the reasons why:  

  • Alluring charm. Just look at names like Kelly Horrigan, Abby Harris, Or Louise O’Reilly. What’s common about these charming ladies from Ireland? It’s about their stunning appearance and cute faces making them special and in-demand among Western guys.
  • Great body shape. The first striking feature of their body shapes is their height. Irish ladies are quite tall, given their average height of 165 cm. Their long legs and slim and slender bodies give them appealing looks. So, an Irish woman like Caoimhe O’Dwyer just proves that.
  • Passionate women. It’s clear that women like Joanne Northey are really stunning when you look at them. But is that all? Don’t forget about their passionate nature making them even more appealing to single guys. If you want to spend great nights with your wife, find an Irish wife.
  • Sense of humor. When it comes to nailing great jokes, it’s hard to find someone better than Irish women. Their unique sense of humor is a combination of strange jokes, puns, and irony blended with sarcasm. In other words, you’ll never get bored when living with your Irish lady.
  • Commitment. While they can seem not quite serious, single Irish women are actually serious when talking about relationships. They’re completely dedicated and devoted partners. This is why divorce rates in Ireland are relatively low when compared to other European countries.
  • English speakers. If there’s something awesome about these women, it’s their proficiency in English. They don’t have problems communicating in this language. Besides, their lilting brogue accent makes their speaking even cuter.
  • Excellence in cooking. Are they great cooks? Once you marry an Irish woman, you better get ready to be spoiled with great food like soda bread, shellfish, boxty, smoked salmon, black and white pudding, etc.
  • Patriotic ladies. When compared to many European countries, the Irish nation is the most patriotic in this region. Based on some studies, it’s been demonstrated that Irish people are really proud of being from this country.
  • Stubborn girls. The most common thing about Irish ladies is their stubborn nature. They don’t give up on things easily. Being obstinate can be a good feature, especially when it comes to sustaining their relationships.
  • Superstitious women. Do you believe in leprechauns? Or how about giving something sharp to your friend? There are many superstitions that are still believed among Irish women. So, be careful when you see a single magpie, as it may bring bad luck.

Now that you know how interesting, unique, and charming ladies from Ireland are in reality, it’s time to consider some unusual myths about them.  

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5 Stereotypes About Irish Women

While Irish women are great candidates for marriage, you can come across some stereotypes about them. Of course, you don’t rush to believe in everything about them. You should better meet your lady and discover her good and bad sides. Instead of trusting myths about them, you should believe in their superiority and gorgeous nature. Still, if you wonder, here are some myths about them:

  • They can’t cook anything but potatoes. Potatoes are common in Ireland, but it doesn’t mean that they’re omnipresent. Instead, there are many great dishes where potatoes aren’t needed at all. So, if you think or hear that Irish women can’t cook anything but potatoes, just try their dishes like a Dublin lawyer.
  • They love doing nothing. Are they lazy? It’s hard to claim that Irish girls are lazy, as they love work. Besides, they invest a lot of effort in their career and personal lives. So, it’s completely false to call them lazy.
  • They’re fond of arguing and fighting. Irish women can be emotional. Still, they’re not fans of being aggressive. They can be jealous or angry, but they use their sense of humor to show their emotions rather than initiate a row.
  • They don’t like British people. Political tensions exist between Ireland and England. But such tension is hardly seen among them. You’ll never feel any hostility towards English women.
  • They’re all drunks. Like in many Western countries, ladies in Ireland consume alcohol. Still, it can be hard to make an assumption that they drink themselves to oblivion. They’re like the ladies living in other countries. It can be said that they drink occasionally.

No matter what you hear or come across, Irish women make great wives and ideal partners. Thus, you better discover the best places where you can meet Irish woman.

Best Places To Find Single Irish Women

Why visit Ireland? You can enjoy the jaw-dropping nature of Ireland, not to mention that there are great movies shot in the lands of Ireland including some scenes from Star Wars and Harry Potter. But it’s not movies that should motivate you to visit this great country. Irish brides should be your main reason to buy tickets to Ireland. And here are the great places to visit:

  • Dublin. The first place you’ll arrive in will be the capital city of Ireland. It’s one of the most crowded cities. What’s more, it’s a cosmopolitan city where you can meet lots of international residents as well. Known for its vibrant life, it offers a wide range of places you can visit during the daytime and nighttime to meet hot single ladies.
  • Doolin. This is a small yet cozy town worth visiting. While many tourists are preoccupied with the capital city, they forget to visit this unofficial capital city. Nice pubs and hospitable people are waiting for you. Besides, you can meet traditional women for marriage in this cute place.
  • Derry. It’s the second-largest city in Ireland after Dublin. It’s one of the hectic cities in Europe thanks to economic growth in recent years. You’ll have a chance to visit great museums, murals, and historic sites that blend with modern hotels, restaurants, pubs, and bars. Halloween is one of the most popular celebrations in this city.
  • Galway.  Galway is a city that should be included in must-visit places in Ireland. What’s most appealing about it is the young generation living in this place, as it’s a university town. So, the great nightlife is what you’ll have to benefit from for sure. Also, it’s known as the capital of festivals.

There are more places that you may want to visit including Limerick and Kilkenny where you can meet Irish girls.

Things to Know About Irish Brides

You can be sure that a chance to marry an Irish woman is really worth it. You’ll have a life full of love and passion. But what else should you know about them?

Why become mail order brides?

Before meeting Irish women for marriage, you should consider the reasons motivating them to become mail order wives. Of course, it’s not that often to come across international brides from this country. So, only known platforms can offer such an opportunity to women who become mail order wives for the following reasons:

  • Better life. Ireland is a great country to live in, but there are places that leave much to be desired. Some ladies seek a better life outside their county hoping to find more successful men to take care of them.
  • Better husband. Irish men can be harsh, rude, and really not romantic. For some Irish women, this can be disturbing. So, they simply try their luck with foreign men who can be kinder and more considerate.

How much does an Irish bride cost?

When considering the bride from Ireland, you should be ready to pay the real cost which can be higher than $25K. This price includes the following:

  • Dating services. In this case, you pay for dating services like chatting, video calls, virtual gifts, and many more.
  • Trip. Once you decide to visit your lady, you should be ready to pay for the visa, tickets, and other related things.
  • Offline dating. When you meet in person, your real-life dating begins. You should be ready to pamper your lady.

No matter what you have to pay, getting a wife from Ireland is worth every cent you’ll have to spend.

How to Find Irish Brides?

If you’re planning to meet Irish girl, then you need to know where to start. Visiting Ireland on your own can be great, but what about a better option?

Romance tours

Such tours are organized by professional dating agencies. They offer a chance for single men to meet Irish girls in person. You just pick a lady from a catalog and get ready to spend time with her. It sounds great, doesn’t it?

Online dating

But it’s not all you can get. Online dating is another way you can meet Irish mail order brides. With great dating sites, you’ll access myriads of hot ladies like Katie McGrath, Nadia Forde, Holly Carpenter, or Rozanna Purcell. Just a few clicks can be enough to find your ideal match. But what’s better?  Online dating or romance tours?

Romance tours vs online dating

While considering the advantages of both options, much is up to you. If you have time and finance for trips, then romance tours can be a great opportunity for you. Still, online dating offers a more pragmatic approach in terms of finding better matches. Besides, it’s really convenient to date online without the need to travel anywhere.

Are Irish Brides Legit?

One of the most intricate questions can be whether there’s a chance to find a real wife from Ireland. You should know that real brides exist and they’re not too far from you. But is it possible to meet them online? Or are you doomed to be scammed?

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Can you find a real Irish bride?

Don’t let a dream of finding an ideal wife be a lingering dream. You’re not without your solutions. If you’re interested in meeting and dating single Irish women, all you need is to find a good dating site.  With only reliable platforms, you can ensure to be dating and communicating with real ladies. Thus, real Irish brides exist provided that you are on one of the top dating sites.

Irish mail order bride scams

Online dating has always been a tricky option. It can be good or bad. It depends on how you choose your platform. Randomly chosen platforms may pose a risk of being scammed. Irish mail order bride scam can happen, so your discretion is a must when picking your site. The best way to get rid of or avoid them is to start dating on top dating platforms.

Final Thoughts

Note that there are so many successful stories when couples meet each other online. Thus, you can be among the ones telling their stories of love. You better find a good platform where you can meet Irish girl for dating and marriage and start creating your own story of love.