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    Ladies and Gentlemen,

    We would like to thank Nadia, Mark and his team, for helping us meet. We met with Nadia in Moscow in 2009 and I found the love of my life – Irina. Thanks to these sweet people, I overcame my fears about using a matchmaking service, and decided to put my trust in this service. I am so happy I did. I met Irina and things started of great right from the start, because we already had communication which was personally arranged by Mark and his Team.

    I also want to say; that I had trouble on some of the other websites, because none of them seemed very interested in helping me actually meet a lady in life, they all just seemed to want me to continue with buying their online services and etc. This went on for quite a while and cost me allot of money. I also have a friend that went through another agency, and he was cheated because the ladies he was talking to then were all very disinterested in him, and he ended up very unhappy and felt cheated. That is why I decided to trust Mark and his team, he was only interested in fining me ladies that matched my wishes for real.

    After I felt comfortable with things, Irina agreed to meet with me. I put all my trust into God’s hands and things worked out so very well. After meeting, Mark helped us get a visas for Irina and I for her to come to the states. We got married in August of 2009 and we are very happy, that is why we decided to post this letter. We hope everyone can become this happy too…


    Mike and Irina
    Colorado Springs


    Attn: Mark and Nadine,

    I am in love, at 57 years old I am finally in love! You guys are fantastic Matchmakers!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Allen K., Seattle USA