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We do not conduct large socials where you will get thrown to the wolves and then have to fend for yourself in a meat-market environment. Rather, we organize small groups of men a few times a year who travel to see the ladies they have pre-selected, and who have agreed to meet them in advance. Of course we also have one-on-one services for you that are all highly personalized and customized to your meet your budget and individual needs.

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Most other Russian dating websites that advertise thousands of ladies with video and e-mail services will not be able to tell you anything about that lady you think you want! These are websites that combine all of the photos from agencies located all over Eastern Europe, and they have little to no real or meaningful connection with those agencies, except to kick them back a small fee for handling your chat and e-mails. These services have absolutely no incentive to help you meet your lady in real life, and they discourage their ladies from providing you with any real or reliable information that will help you to meet in real life, if the lady is even the one writing you in the first place. They will not help you with travel plans, or help you with your chosen ladies!

Those sites do not want you to “get to the point” with your lady, because then you will spend more money trying, e-mailing, chatting, using expensive phone and interpretor services in an attempt to get every last dollar out of you. Often times, they will not provide you with her telephone number. You will never meet this lady in real life, so please, for your own sake, stop wasting your resources on pipe dreams and fantasy dream marriages, if you are serious about marriage with a real, beautiful, Russian or Ukrainian Lady!

We are not here to sell you e-mail forwarding to small, unethical agencies, located all over the planet. We are not here to sell you video conferencing, we are not here to sell you interpreter services, we are not here to sell you gift delivery services! We are here to help you find her and for her to find you! You are soul mates, and you should find each other. And if we can be part of that search, to bring joy to your life, then we want to help.

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Karl was a dream man for me. I hope we keep our talks good and for a long time, because he is the man I want to marry! He said he would keep in touch when he gets back to the states and I hope so. I also met his mother when he was in Russia, and that was good too. I think we all love each other now and I hope to make a great family with this man. I just want to let you know that things are going well and to thank you so much for introducing us to each other. Thank Nadia and the interpreters too, they were all so good to us.

Irena, Russia